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  • Fast and affordable content removal for clients
  • Guaranteed and safe compensation to authors
  • Legal methods only.
    Lifetime guarantee
Digital Sharks
How Does It Work?
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    You fill out a form
  • 2
    We get in touch with the client and offer removal
  • 3
    You delete the content and get payment
If you’re an impulsive writer trying to squeeze money out of companies, we cannot help you
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    You send us the link you want to be removed
  • 2
    We search for it in a database, if not found, we remove it using our technologies
  • 3
    If it is found in the database, we proceed to the deal automatically
Legal removal. No risks. Lifetime guarantee
Seeing is Believing
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    $ 30,079
    Compensation Returned
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    Links Removed
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    Links in the Database
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    July 12, 2024
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