About Our Service

We legally delete online information from all over the globe.

We typically have technologies suitable for many sites already, and removing information only requires a bit of correspondence or a small payment. But what to do if a website is new and the author isn’t budging?

We offer you our effective information removal technology, which is well-thought-out and covers the tiniest details.

Within the Digital Sharks service, we have combined experience from IT, PR, psychology, and jurisprudence fields to make getting rid of negative information far more accessible, faster, and affordable.

We refer to our service as Removing. What makes Removing so safe and effective? The recipe is simple: technology, negotiation, and a little bit of magic.

What are the Removing stages offered by Digital Sharks?

  1. You leave a request with a link to the information you want to delete. Register. While doing so, you can turn to an expert for help.

  2. The expert receives your order. He estimates the cost and checks if our database contains a link from the author of this negative information.

  3. You receive the estimation result: price and timeframe. If these are suitable, you replenish your balance. Payment will be debited after the work has been completed.

  4. Then, our removing engineers will get to work on your task. If our database contains the link, we contact the author of the negative information and delete the content. If not, we collect information. We study the negative information and look for everyone who has access to removing its source. We anonymously contact both of the sides.

  5. We analyze. We sketch psychological portraits, then select suitable arguments and motivating factors. When we get enough information, we choose the safest and most affordable ways to remove the data.

  6. We act. We start 2-3 information removing scenarios at the same time. Which ones – it depends on the client’s decision.

  7. The information removed. You can see the results in your account.

Service advantages

  • Remove information of any complexity

  • Lifetime warranty on the information removed

  • Do not aggravate the situation

  • Only pay for results

  • 100% privacy

  • Only legal methods are used

  • Fast removal times – starting from 24 hours